Journey Special…

Ladies and gentlemen,
As I write this, I am moving on the wheels of Indian Railways.
Well, the first declaimer is that, the title of this writeup has came from Richa, my wife who is accompanying me in this journey today.
Ok so moving on, this is our first journey after the Rail Budget, before talking anything on current RM Suresh Prabhu, let me thank Ex RM Lalu Yadav who did only (probably) good thing in his political inning spread over decades by running Garib Rath Trains. Cheap & Best. Here I am not being concerned with it’s Air cooled  atmosphere but I like the way it is treated by Railway allowing it running on time and it’s matching speed with Rajdhani Train, however it is still a dream to see time being respected by Railway for all Trains. ”If you are student or working professional, you won’t like wasting half of your sanctioned holidays in transit/journey”
In this budget announcement of no new trains have given a hope that Minister Prabhu have kept all energy reserved to strengthen customer service.
My one sincere advise to Prabhu. ”Dear Minister, Target customer delight and your people may reach up to customer satisfaction (Delight is a distinction thing here)
Like every time when ever i start and end up going deep in my say on politics…
Oh yes, garmagarm samose is here, for which Richa was waiting since she took her seat in the train, she ordered.. as i am ending this she placed a piece of samosa into my mouth ☺


2 thoughts on “Journey Special…

  1. Jyoti says:

    Happy journey………… but the prime concern would be cleanliness in Rail and the tracks apart from the Trains running on the scheduled time .

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